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Cavalcade of Authors!


Every March, a particular magical madness takes over the Tri-Cities area of Washington state.   And it has nothing to do with basketball.

Ok, so maybe we are on a basketball court, […]

Yards After Contact


My only sports as a kid were competitive swimming and running, so I know precious little about football.   I do know that I love the Seahawks.  I know that […]

Holiday Shopping?


Merry, Merry!  In the event that you’re looking for gift ideas for your loved ones, signed books are always wonderful.  And if you are interested in gifting any of my […]

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A Moment Comes

India, 1947. In a matter of months, the country will be divided along religious lines into two separate states. All of India waits anxiously--but three young people have other pressing matters at hand...Read More


On the eve of her debut in 1815 London, Agnes Wilkins attends a decidedly singular social event on the London scene—a mummy unwrapping party...Read More


When Chris Collins and Winston Coggans take off on a post-graduation cross-country bike trek, Chris's hopes are high. He's looking forward to seeing the... Read More